Nathan “Roadtaffy” Willett – COO


I'm RoadTaffy, the overall manager, or COO, and cofounder of PTC Esports, as well as the primary manager of our Overwatch team. I was with PTC from the start and I will elaborate on the creation of PTC and what I did to help create it. About a year and a half ago, November of 2015, when Alex "Prime" Diament was at Pax East, the Company Micro-Star International, MSI, had approached him after he and group of other players had played a game of League of Legends on stage, where Alex's team won if not stomped, where MSI approached him and offered to sponsor a professional team if he so wishes to create one. After this Alex came to me for help deciding if we should go through with the preposition, creating a name, logo, etc. and after looking for players, and putting many things together and here we are.